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During the world war II period, lots of Thai People had insufficient basic needs for living and clothing is one of them. Mr Prateep, our first chairman saw many people wearing torn shirts and that inspired his desire to improve the quality of life for Thai people and textile.


As the pioneer of Thailand’s textile industry, the Phiphatanakit Textile Company known as PTEX was founded by Mr Prateep Pinyawat in Samut Prakarn province. PTEX supplies high-quality yarns and fabrics for manufacturers all over the country



PTEX breaks into the International market by opening a new weaving mill to supply high-grade grey fabrics for both domestic and export markets.


PTEX further expands its spinning capacity by building the State -of -the -Art spinning mill. This new spinning unit combines the most advanced spinning machines under one roof.



When customer trust is the top priority,

Ptex still carry on its journey toward

the premium textile business with consistency in high-quality yarns and fabrics we continue improving our product and people with

the concept of sustainable development

and environmental-friendly minded


Our People

We motivate our staff by encouraging a ‘Team’ atmosphere and make them feel like home. PTEX employees undergo intensive training on Tailor-made programs run by PTEX’s high experience team and additional programs are conducted by visiting experts. Engineering and technical staff regularly attend workshops and training courses both in Thailand and overseas.

Moreover, PTEX offers fair wages, scholarships, sports facilities and a free dormitory service, helping our staff to reduce their cost of living, save more money and enjoy a better quality of life.

Area & Location

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